What to do in Toulon?


Heritage with a spirit, cultural footprints, permanent exhibitions…

As for its traditional markets, rich in colours and scents, they demonstrate on a daily basis the local compromise with quality products in a rhyme with pleasures of the four seasons.

A pleasure for the eyes and senses !

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The symbols of the Toulon harbour identity and its strategic positioning are: the Royal Tower (16th Century), the old rope-making house (17th Century), the Saint-Louis Fort (17th Century) and Lamalgue (18th Century). These are all testimonies that must be preserved and highlighted.

The Door of Italy and the moats and ramparts of Malbousquet are evidence of the fortifications made at different times. The Place de la Liberté and its famous Fountain de la Federation (19th century) are connected by the old centre at the front of the harbour (20th) due to the design by the architect Jean de Mailly, the first Grand Prix of Rome in 1945.

And if the Church of St. Louis, of Greco-Roman inspiration, dates, as well as the Church of Saint-François-de-Paule, of the 18th century, the construction of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds made its debut in 1096.

Discover the historic districts

Cultural footprints

The Opera House, inaugurated in 1862 and completely after, hosts in the best conditions lyrical performances, concerts and plays.

The Liberté Theatre, established in the eponymous square since 2011 and nominated National scene, has three rooms of different capacities dedicated to the living spectacle (theatre, music, dance, circus, etc.) as well as to the cinema and the digital arts and any works complementing the national Centre for cultural creation and diffusion of Châteauvallon.

The Zenith, the Neptune Centre, the Comedia Theatre and cafe theatres complement the offer for the reception of shows (from the largest to the smallest) and conventions, while the cinemas Pathe Liberté (9 rooms) and Royal (3 rooms/Art and essay) display a beautiful diversity.

Permanents Exhibitions

The visual arts at full disposition the Art Museum (where Provençale painting and contemporary art share the stage), the museums of the Asian Arts, the Toulon and its region History Museum, Jean Aicard/Paulin Bertrand or moreover the house of photography …. not forgetting the Naval museum near the Arsenal on the harbour, and the Faron Memorial inaugurated in 2016.

The Arts District

In the historic centre, in full renewal, the galleries, artists’ studios and designer boutiques are mixed with the breweries and restaurants in the heart of an arts district dedicated to life, entertainment and cultural events.

Events for all

At the Great Blue Oblige, the St. Peter festival homages those who went missing at the sea in June, the night of fishermen in August hosts the gourmet scene, while the race of the great sailboats and the America’s Cup, hosted in the harbour, defend their status of exceptional events.

Throughout the year, Toulon offers federation appointments.

Being festive, cultural, faithful to tradition or resolutely innovative, they all highlight in the calendar moments to be shared without moderation.

4 Seasons of Animations

The end of year holiday season turns the heart of the city into a Christmas village that shares the poster with the skating rink, the merry-go-round and many magical animations.

Spring invites the green hand-crafter to the plant fair and all lovers of greenery on a nature Sunday at the Faron.

The summer vibrates at the rhythms of the Jazz festival in Toulon and autumn turns the page to the Book Festival and to other recurring events or new projects: link to the city’s agenda… (On the net)