The Neptune Convention Centre in Toulon is also the organizer of two major events in the city. In Spring the Mang'Azur Festival (14th Edition in 2019) and in Autumn the Convention of Games and Toys (5th edition in 2019).



Locate the city of Toulon

Airport Toulon/Hyères at 18 km
Marseille Provence International Airport at 85 km
Nice Côte d’azur International Airport at 150 km

TGV train station 10 min walk from the Neptune Centre (the journey from Paris to Toulon is 3h 50min)

Toulon-Marseille: 65 Km (A50)
Toulon-Aix en Provence 77 km (A50 & A52)
Toulon-Lyon 380 km (A8 & A7)
Toulon-Nice 150 km (A57 & A8)
Toulon-Montpellier 222 km


Locate and access the Neptune Convention Center!

Bus transfers from airport: Sodetrav 04 94 12 55 12
Taxi Transfers: Taxi of the Region of Toulon 04 94 93 51 51
Taxi from airport Toulon-Hyères 04 94 00 60 00

Ten car parks in the heart of Toulon (more than 3000 places). The closest to the Neptune Convention Centre are :
– Parking Lafayette (430 places) — Rue Dutasta 83 000 Toulon, More info at : https://www.q-park-resa.fr/fr/parking/toulon/lafayette-251.html
– Parking Mayol (1200 places) — Quai Joseph Lafontan (Under the Grandstand of Mayol Stadium) More info on :
— Facultés: 939 spaces
– Porte d’Italie: 597 spaces


Handicap accessibility information at the Neptune Centre

— Outdoors path: on the ground floor (car access and lift to Besagne square)
— Indoor path: single storey reception, elevator adapted to access the 3 floors
(intra cabin audio messages and translation of buttons into Braille).
– General Reception area and fitted changing rooms.
– Rental of headpieces to make hearing aid possible during the convention.
– Vauban Room: Seating capacity = 25 (welcomes the Handicap Room, and the dance gala “Au nom de la danse”)
— Parking Lafayette, exit to Besagne Square.
– Appropriate WC, parking.


Following the implementation of the plan Vigipirate, security-enhanced for terrorist attack risks, we must take certain regulatory measures to strengthen security and ensure public safety within the grounds of Neptune Convention Centre.
  • All replicas of weapons (airsoft, bats, swords, shurikens, bokken, pistols etc…), regardless of the materials these are made of, will be strictly prohibited in the exhibition grounds.

This does not apply to “fantasy” weapons that do not represent any resemblance to real weapons or certain accessories. The last and all accessories brought by visitors must:

  • Not have an appearance to be confused with a real weapon.
  • Be composed exclusively of materials such as foam, cardboard, light wood or worbla.
  • They shall not include any metal parts, metal objects, knives, Swiss knives and other cutting accessories are strictly prohibited.
  • Nerf type pistols with metal parts (if made completely in plastic, Nerf guns are allowed, provided they are not accompanied by darts)
  • Defence, police, GIGN, military, commando, airsoft or other types of clothing will also be prohibited.
  • Sales of katanas and shurikens are also prohibited within the Neptune Convention Centre.

Security teams have been strengthened. The bag control will be systematic at the entrance of the festival and palpations may also occur. You will also need to show your face clearly. To facilitate the control of the bags, please open your bag (s) when your turn arrives.

We are aware that all these rules are binding, however, we ask you to respect these rules so that the event will take place in the best possible conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the lounge to visitors who do not comply with these security rules even if they have an entrance ticket. Security officers will be required to confiscate any dangerous object for its destruction.

f you would like more information about safety instructions visit http://www.gouvernement.fr/reagir-attaque-terroriste

Thank you for your cooperation